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The latest 90th anniversary of the second Spanish republic has highlighted, as soon as once more, the large validity within the collective political imaginary normally and in that of left-wing political events particularly of the parable of “the republic” (particularly, of the second, as a result of no one appears to recollect the very fascinating experiment of the primary).

Like all good myths, that of the Spanish republic as a democratic paragon is refractory to the information -which anybody with a minimal concern for historical past can know because of the large quantity of nationwide and international bibliography available- and in addition to the passage of time. Quite the opposite, it appears that evidently with the passage of time the parable is increasingly alive. We honor the political women and men of the second republic or dedicate streets and tributes to them with an enthusiasm that might already be appreciated by characters from our most up-to-date historical past -some of them nonetheless alive- who, along with combating for freedom, justice and equality , have been much more profitable than their predecessors. I’m referring, in fact, to the women and men who made the Spanish Transition doable. With the latest exception of the renaming of the Madrid-Barajas airport in honor of Adolfo Suarez, the distinction could be very putting to me.

Maybe the issue is that no actual democracy – previous, current or future – can bear the comparability with the Platonic thought of ​​a republic in-built these components across the second republic for mainly political causes. The identical as an actual love, with all its imperfections, can not bear the comparability with a platonic love. Nevertheless, I imagine that few of us, as soon as we’ve come of age, would select the latter over the previous. And the reality is that the democracy in-built 1978 has many imperfections, certainly, nevertheless it additionally has the large benefit of being actual y tangible, of with the ability to be measured within the “rankings” of democratic high quality (wherein Spain is a whole democracy, a “full democracy”) and of getting lasted till immediately and hopefully for for much longer. I’ve little question that lots of the builders of the second republic would envy and admire this success story constructed on the expertise, generosity, and energy of subsequent generations.

Subsequently maybe we must always mature a bit as residents and be extra conscious of the actual democracy we take pleasure in and our obligation to protect and improve it for generations to come back. To start with, we might abandon the Manichean opposition between a (good) republic and a (dangerous) monarchy put in within the nationalist imaginary and in a part of the Spanish left that doesn’t reply to the empirical proof that organizations corresponding to Freedom Home deal with on the Institute for the standard of the federal government of the College of Gothenburg in Sweden and that they systematically place the Nordic monarchies among the many international locations with the best freedom and democracy. And it’s that in a contemporary democracy the type of the top of State determines little or little democratic high quality of a rustic, insofar because the important factor are the democratic establishments, the counterweights to energy and the rule of legislation and never whether or not the Head of State is elective or not. Finally, a monarchy might be tremendously despotic, as in Saudi Arabia, or be a mannequin of democracy, as in Norway. Precisely the identical as a republic; Republics are each Germany and North Korea.

However an important factor is that all of us commit ourselves, beginning with politicians and ending with abnormal residents, with our present imperfect democracy as a result of it’s the just one we’ve and since, as historical past reveals us, any democracy can disappear. This doesn’t imply that it isn’t open to criticism, reform or enchancment; It’s a lot, however what is unnecessary is to check or measure it in relation to one thing that by no means existed and that may by no means exist, at the very least so long as democracies are constructed by women and men of flesh and blood. Let’s cease infantile myths and let’s get to work.

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