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Just a few days in the past, the Congress of Deputies authorized by a majority of 187 deputies a movement introduced by ERC wherein the Spanish Authorities was urged to satisfy, instantly, within the dialogue and bilateral negotiation desk with the Authorities of Catalonia emerged from the February 14 elections with the intention to advance the decision of the political battle between Catalonia and the Spanish State. The movement just isn’t wasted, neither due to what it proposes nor due to the grounds on which that proposal relies, collected in its explanatory memorandum. I’ll begin with it as a result of, in any case, what’s included in it’s the plot of what’s supplied to the Authorities.

The exhibition begins by amassing ERC’s proposal in relation to the decision of the State’s battle with Catalonia. His provide is evident: amnesty and train of the best of self-determination; as clear as it’s unconstitutional. Our Structure contains in artwork. 62, relating to the capabilities of the King, who corresponds to “train the best of grace in accordance with the legislation, which might not authorize basic pardons“, So it appears clear that he will be unable to take action with an amnesty both. The reason being easy: if the least, the final pardon, is prohibited, essentially the most, the amnesty, can’t be allowed.

Likewise, the Structure says in artwork. 1.2 what “Nationwide sovereignty resides within the Spanish individuals, from which the powers of the State emanate ”, from which it might be deduced that our Structure solely contemplates the existence of a sovereign, the Spanish individuals, who’s the one one from whom self-determination could be predicated, even for his or her suicide. Undoubtedly, one other matter could be to suggest a constitutional reform to alter the aforementioned precepts. This must be performed by the aggravated reform process.

ERC acknowledges that each proposals, amnesty and the best to self-determination, shouldn’t be in a movement of a parliamentary group, however must be introduced effectively by the Parliament, both by an settlement between the 2 Governments, that of Catalonia and that of Spain, which must be reached on the dialogue and negotiation desk, which is what is actually included in the identical movement.

Lastly, it’s acknowledged within the explanatory memorandum that they’re unaware of the political proposals of the Spanish Authorities, in addition to that of the big state political events. This assertion appears to me to be incorrect, since these proposals are usually recognized, each from the big and the small events. I’ll solely discuss with these of those that make up the Authorities, since it’s with the chief energy with whom they suggest that the political battle must be resolved.

Podemos’s method is crystal clear: He at all times defended the best to self-determination, in addition to the necessity to reactivate this dialogue desk, to the extent that its chief acknowledged a number of days in the past that “all events must give in to succeed in an settlement” (The nation, 9-II-21). The latter may suggest that the Authorities would have nationwide sovereignty if it gave within the least in relation to the ERC proposals and, what’s weirder, the Authorities itself. Extra unknown is the place of the opposite drive that makes up the coalition authorities, so I’ll attempt to get hold of it from the truth that your parliamentary group has voted in favor of the approval of this movement.

What do you suppose the Socialists supported this movement? To grasp it we’ve got to mirror on the substance of the matter. A desk for dialogue and negotiation is a desk that hangs over the phrase, so we must always first ask ourselves what do you imply by dialogue and, consequently, what do you wish to do with the phrase, what use of the phrase is the one which we must always undertake or if any use is feasible. It appears clear that just one use of the phrase and, subsequently, of dialogue, could be justified when that use is in accordance with justice, as it might be unjustified to abuse the ability of dialogue to commit injustice. In the end, the dialogue is justified whether it is legit, in any other case it might not be. And when is it legit? In a democratic state of legislation, this occurs when the house wherein freedom is feasible, that’s, the legislation, is revered.

Allow us to then return to the movement and its explanatory memorandum. ERC proposals are clear; additionally these of part of the Authorities. These concepts, amnesty and the best to self-determination, utterly exceed the constitutional framework, in order that they might be categorised as unfair and illegitimate. If we deviate from constitutional legality, we lose the grip that may justify our practices. Outdoors of this framework, there are explicit pursuits and, as such, arbitrary.

Likewise, the demand for dialogue to handle such proposals would solely result in a deepening of injustice, insofar as what’s to be agreed and agreed, in addition to what, consequently, have to be given, refers to points that belong to unique competence of the Spanish individuals, on whom relies upon, finally, the potential of constitutional reform. Any settlement behind its again implies the violation of the rights and freedoms of its residents.

However, What, then, is the place of the socialist group and, subsequently, that of the opposite aspect of the Authorities? What have you ever supported, when you will have authorized such a movement? It has been stated that “the Authorities has ensured that dialogue will at all times respect the framework of the Structure” (JL Cebrián, The nation, 8-II-21). For my part, it’s clear that they neither defend amnesty nor the best to self-determination, because the ERC itself exhibits.

They’ve restricted themselves to supporting dialogue, the phrase, however in a framework that in itself is opposite to the foundations that guarantee its legitimacy; and this, primarily, not solely as a result of on the desk there can be proposals that exceed the constitutional board (which in itself wouldn’t be counterproductive if such proposals had been framed throughout the constitutional reform procedures), however as a result of the identical conceptual framework that defines the dialogue guidelines out that chance of constitutional reform, on the similar time that it places into query the elemental precept of the Structure: the precept of in style sovereignty.

The cardinal drawback for socialists is that have admitted a bilateral dialogue between governments that suggests the de facto recognition of equality between each, when that’s not potential in accordance with the Structure. It might be in a confederation, however we do not have it but. In keeping with our primary rule, the powers, together with the ability of the Authorities, emanate from the Spanish individuals, that’s, from the sovereign. Which means that the Authorities represents a sovereign energy, it workouts a delegated, non-original sovereignty, so it can not get rid of it. However the Authorities doesn’t train any delegated sovereignty, for the reason that Structure solely acknowledges the best of autonomy to nationalities and areas. In different phrases, the Structure acknowledges autonomy, however not sovereignty. Autonomy just isn’t sovereignty.

If that is so, it isn’t understood {that a} desk has been authorized for bilateral dialogue between two governments that may by no means meet on the identical airplane, which is what would be sure that chance of bilaterality. Therefore, the conclusion that we will get hold of appears apparent: the Socialists have authorized of the improper use of dialogue and the blame will fall on those that authorized of utilizing the phrase as they need to not.

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